SONG: Once upon a December
ALBUM: Anastasia OST



Once Upon A December. Anastasia in Russian.  This would be the language that she would have sung in.




Welcome! Lindsey here. So here’s the deal. A million years ago, my friend Ziggy (or Chloe, as the rest of the world calls her) and I decided to have a month where we desperately tried to catch up on our huge to-read lists. We held it in October for two years, and called it Not-So-National Book Reading Month, or NotSoNaBooReaMo (based around National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo).

NotSoNaBooReaMo had to go on hiatus for a while, as both Chloe and I had a bunch of education to get out of the way. But now we’re ready to start up again, and this year we’re branching out! So if you have a list of books that you’ve been meaning to read/reread for years, then this is the project for you!

All you gotta do is read! That’s it! Read all the books you’ve been meaning to, the time has arrived! Then, if you like, you can submit your progress and we’ll have a little leaderboard going so you can see how you’re doing! (This may or may not be a terrible idea, we’ve never done leaderboards before.)

I hope that all makes sense? There’s an example post that shows how we’ll be formatting our entries here (more detailed info here) And if you’re taking part, we’re trusting you not to start until tomorrow! The month of October only, if you please!

Our ask box is open if you have any questions! Happy reading!

Here’s a thing I’ll be doing from tomorrow!

sunnydale high, class of 1999

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um if this season of doctor who’s big plot arc steals the concept for the miniseries I’ve been working of for years I’ll be very pissed



honestly i bet the fucking x files intro sequence was actually just the powerpoint slideshow mulder showed to skinner when he was pitching the idea of the x files re-opening to him

music and all

petition to re-do the x-files into sequence so it’s literally projector slides and mulder whistling dramatically

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They call themselves ‘The Guardians Of The Galaxy’

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